Bài mẫu Speaking Part 2, 3 chủ đề: Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading


Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading – Đề bài IELTS Speaking rất gần gũi với đời sống hàng ngày của thí sinh. Để chinh phục được band điểm cao khi gặp dạng bài này, bạn cần lên được ý tưởng cụ thể, take-note trong 1 phút hiệu quả và áp dụng từ vựng tiếng Anh ăn điểm. Tham khảo ngay bài mẫu dưới đây để học luyện thi IELTS Speaking hiệu quả tại nhà bạn nhé!

[SAMPLE SPEAKING] Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2+ 3 chủ đề “Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading”
[SAMPLE SPEAKING] Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2+ 3 chủ đề “Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading”

I. Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 chủ đề: Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading

1. Đề bài: Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading

Describe a newspaper or magazine that you like to (or, often) read. You should say:

    • what newspaper/ magazine it is
    • what the newspaper/ magazine is about
    • how often you read it
    • what kinds of people generally read this newspaper/ magazine

and explain why you like to read it.

Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading
Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading

2. Dàn bài Part 2

2.1. Ý tưởng bài mẫu (tiếng Việt)

2.2 Take-note trong 1 phút (tiếng Anh)

3. Sample Speaking: Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading

Dưới đây là bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 + 3 chủ đề Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading được biên soạn bởi các thầy cô giáo hạng A tại prepedu.com. Tham khảo ngay để luyện thi IELTS Speaking hiệu quả tại nhà bạn nhé!

One of my favorite rituals is curling up with a book or magazine on a rainy day, so I do have my fair share of magazines to stock my shelves with. The one I want to tell you more about today is “National Geographic”, which is a magazine that covers many intriguing and thought-provoking articles.  

I have been a loyal subscriber of the magazine ever since 2020, when the pandemic first hit and forced people around the world to commit to strict social distancing policy, and I was no exception. An excessive amount of time spent at home with little to do inspired me to kill time reading magazines, and National Geographic grabbed my attention.

In general, it features topics of science, geography and world culture and is renowned for its photojournalism approach, a style in which articles and news stories are accompanied by photos. The intended audience for the magazine is a pretty wide demographic – with readers ranging from young adults to readers over 55 years old. The core characteristic that links all these people together, however, is a passion dedicated to education and exploration. 

The reasons why I am drawn to this magazine are plenty. The most notable one is, beyond doubt, the topics they cover. As someone who is quite concerned about environmental issues, the way that National Geographic has proved to be an ally of environment-lovers in the last few decades is heartwarming. The magazine has remained outspoken about many green issues such as global warming, endangered species or waste management.

Another reason for my undying love is the absolutely stunning photographs of a plethora of different subjects, taken in even the most distant and remote areas around the world. The photos are usually of incredible quality, and its significance in transferring messages and inspiring readers to learn more is undeniable. Lastly and a more personal reason, this magazine satiates my hunger for knowledge and adventure.

As I am quite snowed under with work most of the time, National Geographic provides me with the opportunity to see the world from the sofa of my living room. I believe I’ve acquired much more scientific and cultural knowledge since I started subscribing to this magazine, and isn’t knowledge the most powerful tool of humankind?

Một số từ vựng ăn điểm đã được sử dụng trong bài mẫu Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading:

    • ritual (n): nghi thức
    • curl up (v): cuộn mình 
    • have my fair share of (phr): có nhiều cái gì
    • stock something up (phr): lấp đầy cái gì
    • intriguing (a): thú vị
    • thought-provoking (a): gợi nhiều suy nghĩ 
    • subscriber (n): người theo dõi
    • social distancing (n): giãn cách xã hội
    • excessive (a): nhiều
    • kill time (v): giết thời gian
    • feature (v): bao gồm, viết về (với báo chí)
    • renown for (a): nổi tiếng bởi
    • photojournalism (n): phóng sự ảnh
    • accompanied by (v): đi kèm với
    • intended audience (n): khán giả nhắm tới
    • demographic (n): nhân khẩu học
    • range from (v): bao gồm từ… đến…
    • core characteristic (n): yếu tố cốt lõi
    • dedicated to (v): dành cho
    • notable (a): đáng lưu ý, lưu tâm
    • beyond doubt (adv): không nghi ngờ gì
    • ally (n): đồng minh
    • heartwarming (a): ấm lòng
    • outspoken (a): nói thẳng, trực tiếp
    • green issues (n): các vấn đề môi trường
    • waste management (n): xử lý rác thải
    • a plethora of (phr): nhiều cái gì
    • remote (a): xa xôi, hẻo lánh
    • significance (n): tầm quan trọng
    • transfer (v): truyền tải
    • undeniable (a): không thể bàn cãi
    • satiate (v): thỏa mãn
    • snowed under (phr): bận rộn với công việc
    • acquire (v): đạt được

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II. Câu trả lời mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 3: Newspapers

1. Do you think people will use the internet to read news online?

Isn’t it the norm these days? I believe the number of people turning to the Internet for news and information has become massive in the last few decades. It is inevitable, considering how convenient online news is – it is updated to the seconds, usually is cheaper in terms of price and in many cases, cost absolutely nothing. That is not mentioning how readers can easily access information of different kinds on many devices such as smartphones or iPads and laptops, as long as there’s stable Internet connection. 

2. What kind of marketing practices do these newspapers use?

One common way is to use them as a means of advertising. This can be done by placing ads in magazines that are read by the target market for the product or service being advertised. Another way to use magazines in marketing is to distribute them to potential customers. This can be done by mailing them out or by handing them out at trade shows or other events.

3. Do you think newspapers manipulate real stories to increase their sales?

Hmmm, to be honest, as I am an outsider of the journalism industry, my claims would mostly be assumptions. I do think some broadsheets and reputable magazines tend to be more cautious and honest with their coverage of news. However, certain levels of fabrication definitely exist, at least in a few tabloids that focus on sensational news of showbiz, for instance.

Unscrupulous journalists and editors could manipulate real stories they get hold of by different means, like adding embellishments, omitting crucial details or just outright spewing lies… You know, the usual gutter press. Unfortunately, these scandalous news and stories still receive lots of public attention, hence increasing the newspapers’ profits. So it is a vicious cycle of “let’s provide readers with what would sell even if it means we are being untruthful.”

      • outsider (n): người ngoài cuộc
      • assumption (n): 
      • broadsheet (n): báo cỡ lớn
      • reputable (a): danh tiếng, đáng tin cậy
      • fabrication (n): sự thêu dệt, bịa chuyện
      • tabloid (n): báo lá cải
      • sensational (a): giật gân
      • unscrupulous (a): vô lương tâm
      • manipulate (v): thao túng
      • embellishment (n): sự tô vẽ
      • omit (v): loại bỏ
      • outright (adv): dứt khoát, hoàn toàn
      • spew (v): tuôn ra
      • gutter press (n): báo lá cải, rẻ tiền
      • scandalous (a): gây sốc, giật gân
      • vicious cycle (n): vòng luẩn quẩn

III. Lời kết

Trên đây là bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 + 3 chủ đề Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading đầy đủ nhất. Chần chừ gì nữa, tham khảo ngay để ôn thi ielts online Speaking hiệu quả tại nhà và chinh phục được band điểm thật cao nhé!

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